Introducing Tina

Hey guys, my name is Tina, although I used to be known as Tim. In the 8th grade, my grades were so poor that my mother told me that if my marks did not improve, than I would have to start dressing as a girl as a punishment. My brother, Chris/Christine(not yet pictured,) was given the same ultimatum.
I thought that mom was joking, but she followed through and forced me into my sister's pretty white tights. My sister already has the leotard and tutu picked out that I am going to wear to my first ballet class.
I was given this long brunette wig, and a pro makeover. My legs feel so sexy now in the white tights. I'm still getting used to the high heels and short skirts. Anyway, I have to get ready for dance class, and I'll put up some more pics later.