Slips contest!

I adore slips, particularly full slips! I realize many modern women don't wear em, but what the hell, i do and love em! Sooo, let's have a contest with these slip images! You're a man in lingerie and slip, feminized..waiting for a dress... why are you feminized? a lost bet? a costume party? forced femme? What pretty dress or outfit will go over your slip? Would love to see your take on slip pics! Please email to xoxo Barbie

Some Random Samples

Prom contest

It's your chance to be prom girls! This will be open until next Monday, when i will post them! Email your caps. Use your imagination, feel free to make any caption you like based on your fantasy of being a prom girl... the only thing i don't want is sex changes! Forced femme is the theme!

Hiding in Skirts


Was reading an old Lisa Fox story called 'a soldier's story' where a brother goes to his sister's place to escape the army after going awol. He ends up disguised as a maid to avoid the army looking for him. Wonderful story! It got me thinking..what a great them would love to hear from anyone and talk about captions or dressing.

Oops..missed a few

Sorry, still getting the hang of gmail, i neglected 3 caps sent to me by zqmfx20asfg probably because of the lack of name given...but great caps (: hope i didn't miss anybody!

Stephanies bondage weekend

Mistress Sabrina and Stephanie

Naughties Dreams

Girls in trouble

More May Caps