Know your Role, sissy

Notice to all sissies......
This vid is how  a good and proper sissy should act with her man. you are there for HIS pleasure....never confuse yourself over is HIS pleasure from which you will derive yours. Accept your place in life, embrace your role as a server of Man. I love you sissy.

Assignment - Self Control

Self control is a subject most sissies FAIL here at the School. It is just too much to ask that they keep from gooing after the slightest arousal. So for today......we will try anexercise in self control. It's a long one so be prepared to spend most of the day at this.

First, why do I even need to say this, you should be in panties and a bra with your face made up. Wig is optional, heels are not. Tucked of course. Sit in a reclined position with a dildo in your mouth and begin to nub your little clittie. Please pay attention are going to edge three separate times then stop entirely. Now....go about doing some girly tasks such as laundry, doing dishes, vacuuming, reading Cosmo or Shape, etc. After 30 minutes of 'busy work', repeat the original exercise. Don't forget, dildos like to be spoken to, treat it the way a cock deserves to be treated. After edging 3 times, proceed with another 30 minutes of 'busy work'. Now the preceeding should be considered 2 'cycles'. I want you to do 3 more cycles. For those of you with emerging mathmatical skills....that's a total of 15 edges a shitload of busy work.

Now, you should be sufficiently horny and your poor little peepee should be in need of some attention. Here's the fun part...... Take your dildo and get it soaking wet with saliva...don't forget to thank it for being such a yummy beautiful cock.... while tucked and reclined, pick your knees up a little and slide your panties off your clit.... now use the wet cock to slide all over your clit, rub it, let it 'hump' have no power over a real cock, it should be a little rough rubbing itself all over your crotch trying to cum.... continue to wet it with your mouth...if you tuck your clit between your thighs and keep your legs tight together, you can have it effectively penetrate you from the front as it stimulates your clit. This is how you will goo today...legs pressed together, little sissy-clit tucked back.....and the REAL cock pushing in and out of your crotch from the front. Of course, once you goo, I expect you to eat all of it. Why not catch some of it on the cock and suck it off? A good little girl would thank the cock for pleasing her.

The clip has a boring start and finish but some HOT fucking in the middle. Enjoy the movie while you do this!



Absolutely gorgeous blonde tranny fucked

The Importance of PINK

Few of us will ever look as feminine as Ana Mancini without several visits to Dr. Troy (shameless reference to one of my FAVE shows) and a dump truck full of hormones. But....we can FEEL as feminine as she does in our everyday lives.

PINK is the sissiest of colors although even Alpha Males can wear it. It is the one constant in your little girly life yet everyday Men can wear it without issue....we know better. Even the slightest hint of it secretly sends thrills through you. For this reason, you MUST incorporate some pink into each and every single day. Without fail. At the very least, you should have at LEAST one toenail painted pink at all times. If you are still a sheltered little sissy girl, why not go to Staples (or Office Max) and buy a Pink Sharpie Marker and draw a pink heart on your clittie? Then when you sit to go pee pee, you will see it a few times per day. The possibilities are endless....why not comment here and tell the world how you are honoring your girliness with something PINK? Then go get into something a little more girly... :)

Girlish Figure

This is a tricky subject. Most sissies weren't born with a girlish figure and many will never get one naturally. But there is HOPE!

Some of this is obvious but bear with me:
  1. Diet. This goes without saying. You can't have a few burgers at Five Guys and expect to trim down to girlish proportions. Try these tips.....Take girly bites. Watch a girl eat and notice how much smaller her bites are. Do the same and you may find you eat less. Go for smaller portions - avoid a second helping. Eat green leafy vegetables. Add soybeans to your diet - I love them and they are full of phytoestrogens (more on this in a later post). Stop drinking soda with artificial sweetners - drink ice water instead.
  2. Exercise. Duh..... This topic could go on forever but to keep it simple I recommend you work to develope your lower body to boost your booty and add mass to your outer thighs -AND- to a lot of core training to flatten your stomache and get rid of 'love handles'. In my experience, those with 'love handles' don't see so much love. Here's a great exercise I use ....

  3. ""The vacuum pose is an exercise that tones the transverse abdominis. The transverse abdominis is the innermost ab muscle, which supports your posture and helps hold your stomach in. Everyday crunches don’t target this muscle.
    The vacuum pose can take 2-4 inches off your waist, so it’s definitely worth a try. (I personally lost 1 inch off my waist after vacuum posing for 2 weeks!) Here’s how to do it:
    1. Exhale all the air from your lungs.
    2. Expand your chest and suck in your stomach as much as possible. Imagine trying to touch your belly button to your spine.
    3. Hold this pose for 5-15 seconds and then relax.
    4. Repeat for 3-5 minutes.""  
A good article on it can be found HERE (don't be scared by all the muscled men!)

4. Clothing. Duh again......corsets and waiste cinchers are a staple in a girls wardrobe (or at least they should be) but also consider padded undergarments to add curves. Wear skirts and dresses with gathered waistlines and look for peplum styles.

Lastly, think of your posture while sitting and standing. Remember ALWAYS .....  stomach in, chest lifted, and shoulders back.

No touching the clittie today. Stay tucked, work on your walk and do your best to eat a little less than the day before. I love you sissy.

New & Retro & Shemale

In keeping with the 'Vintage' is a newer vid with a vintage look.....Olivia Love in a Betty Page role....Yummmmmm! Enjoy!

Vintage Shemale

I don't know if this is truly 'vintage' but I remember seeing this clip many years ago and it still thrills me. The actress' name is Leilani and she has a few vids out there.....I love the way her boobs sway to the pounding and there is a great sequence of her being properly fucked on her back with her hands on his ass pulling him in deep (now is that a runon sentence or what?). So HOT..... I will certainly wank to this one tonight....I hope you do too! Enjoy

Nipple Arousal

One of my FAVE things to have done is getting my nipples pinched - HARD - as I'm cumming. Even if I am alone, I rarely masturbate without some form of nipple stimulation. A girl needs to learn to appreciate how import of an erogenous zone the nipple can be. With the proper training and exercise, the nipples can create their very own orgasms.

For today's assignment..... you are to be in a bra and panties (tucked of course) with a dildo or butt plug fully inserted. Make sure to pull your panties up tight to keep it in place. The bra should be unpadded (silk or satin is best) and without forms so your nipples are right against the luscious fabric. I want you on your back, feet flat on the floor or bed, knees up. The dildo should almost be in contact with the surface you are lying on....

Now I want you to rock back and forth on the dildo. Feel the pressure of it trying to push further up your pussy. Work it girl, make it a happy dildo, make it WANT to be buried in your warm wet pussy. Now with both hands, you are to pinch and twist both nipples. Keep rocking while you pinch. Squeeze your little breasts - DO NOT TOUCH YOUR CLIT - imagine they are growing into little buds. Don't worry, you'll be on hormones soon enough. Just squeeze, harder, make it hurt....FEEL them respond to your touch....mmmmmm. Don't stop rocking....feeling full down there is important to the exercise. Rock and pinch and rock and squeeze and rock and twist.....

After 8-10 minutes of this you may nub your clit and goo in your panties while rocking and pinching with the other hand. You must leave the goo for 2 hours so it will get a little old but not dry. You may then suck the goo out of the croch like a good obedient little sissy girl. Enjoy yourself and, in advance, you're welcome. I love you sissy.

Regular Clothing

So many vids out there show girls only in lingerie or slutty outfits or in 'club wear', etc. Don't get me wrong, I frequently wank to these vids and will continue to do so. BUT, there is somethig about the look of a girl dressed in 'everyday wear' that REALLY turns me on. This one, in tight jeans with a cute perky bubble butt, just makes my little clittie so hard I can't stand it. What an gorgeous little kitten she is! I would love a taste of both these actors....yummmmmm - Enjoy!

Becoming a girl

This is soooo exciting....a special treat/assignment tonight!!!! you BETTER have followed my previous instructions - you need a BIG load of goo for this assignment. If you cheated and goo'd earlier, you must wait to do this tomorrow night. Take your time and do this right. This is a step that furthers you down the path. Once complete, if done correctly, you will be a different girl forever.

Setup: you will need a a dildo and time (at least 15 uninterrupted minutes). you MUST be in panties and it helps if your face is fully made up. The more 'enfemme' you are the better. you are to pick some very femmy music....I like Lady Gaga and/or Katy Perry - both are so girly and may only look at pix of cock - a few are provided but fell free to also use your own.

The act: you are to suck on the dildo for at least 5 minutes (you are encouraged to do more). Get it soaking wet. you may play with your pussy but NOT your clit. Talk to the cock, tell it you love it, tell it how big and strong it is..... After 5 minutes elapse, you are to insert it into your pussy. If it needs more lube, you have an unlimited supply in your mouth. For 5 addidional minutes, you are to fuck yourself with the dildo. Continuously add lube with your mouth - you are a dirty little thing so get used to the taste of it as it emerges from your pussy. you will develope a taste for this as you becme the girl you are.....your own 'ass-juice' is tasty....yummmmmm. Make sure you tell it to fuck you harder, deeper, tell it you are it's cunt, it OWNS you.......

The Finale: Once 5 minutes of fucking elapse (you are encouraged to do more), you may jerk your clittie to a climax. -BUT - you must pull out the cock and cum all over it. Hear this....the cum MUST end up on the cock. Then, after the goo is all over the cock, you are to put it between your lips, rub it all over them, get it on your face and finally, suck it all off. Make sure as much as possible gets down your throat where it belongs. Tell the cock you love, it tastes delicious, thank it for the huge load, love it, savor go look at yourself BEFORE you get cleaned up....what do you see?

The conclusion: you have just sucked the cum off a dildo while wearing panties and (hopefully) makeup. you told it you loved it and to fuck you hard and can NEVR look in the mirror and call yourself a man again. you are now, oficially, a sissy girl. Congratulations! I love you sissy!

Wanking Material - ATM

I love this subject - it's so nasty and sexy all in one. What better way to show your submissivness than to lick it clean after a good fucking? This sissy really knows her role - you should ALL be as good a sissy as she! Enjoy!!

Training - sissy

This is a variation of a previous GIF with referemces to Anna Malice. Anna, along with Felicia and Natalienne are responsible for the creation of the blog. They inspire me to be a better girl and I couldn't thank them enough. Another blog, the(S)heplacements has also been instrumental in the shaping of jamie - thanks to Marlana for her awesome job! Last but not least, thanks to Amanda for all her faggy gayness....she inspires me to be the sissiest faggy gayboy. She is SO gay (and so am I)!

sissy Juice

Most sissies have no idea how to cum like a proper girl -WITHOUT touching that silly little thing between their legs. The path to truly being the best girl you can be lies with the ability to be satisfied by penetration. After all, it's the purpose for which you were created, right? The girl in the video has it, she knows her purpose..... :)

Tonight, I want you to take one of your dildos and penetrate your pussy. Use a LOT of lube and really FEEL it going in and out. Make it SUPER SLIPPERY. FEEL your lips gripping it. FEEL it rubbing against your prostate. you MAY NOT cum tonight - unless is is a result of penetration, no other circumstance is permitted. I want you to ONLY penetrate yourself for at least 30 minutes. In and out, rhythm, tempo, deeply....make love to the dildo. you may also suck on the other dildo while doing this as well as pinch your nipples and massage your breasts. Feel like a girl, be a girl. In and out. Suck the cock. Make love to the cock. Squeeze your tits. Pinch your nipples. BE the girl. you ARE a girl. Do it! I love you sissy.

Wanking Material

In another attempt to provide fresh wanking is a vid of a sexy little thing satisfying her man as ALL sissies should. Enjoy!

Lisa Lawer

In keeping with the 'tan line' theme today, here is Lisa Lawer...a very sexy girl. Great tan lines and very feminine. Every sissy would do well to end up like her....she's one of my faves. Enjoy!

sissies ... you may NOT cum tonight. Don't even touch your little thing. I have something special planned for Sunday night and you need to make a big load of goo for it.



Passing as a girl is FAR FAR AWAY for most sissies. In fact, for most every TGirl, passing isn't really on option....oh well, who cares?

But .... for you prissy little sissy girls, apealing to your Dom/Domme is VERY important. you MUST develope a more feminine stride if you are going to be the best sissy you can be. There are many great sites to help with this - so find a few and get to practicing. In the mean time, here is a cute short (non sexual) video with a little 'easy to follow' instruction.

From where I sit, the single biggest mistake sissies make is having too long a stride. Shorten it to 30" (max) from toe to toe and you will instantly get better at following this vid. I love you sissy.

Let's not forget one with tan-lines!!

Tan Lines

My friend Kelli ALWAYS had tan lines as soon as the weather broke. She couldn't care less what people thought. I was jealous of her ability to be free from worrying about the opinions of people who didn't matter to her. In here memory, I plan to use the 'tan lines' M.O. all day today.

Here is a little clip of a girl playing with a couple. Her tan lines are great.... And she's HOT. Finding fresh new content isn't easy....why not say thanks by leaving a comment?

Off Topic

I lost a dear friend a year ago tomorrow......this song reminds me of her so much. Plus Synyster Gates is yummy to look at.

Everybody has a list of shit, crap, insignificant stuff they wish they had - you do, I do, everybody does. Most lists are of 'wants' .... Make a list of what you have. It makes for a happier existence.

sissy Hypno

Found this one with an unassuming title. Fairly long length and decent audio too.

sissies, watch this twice in a row. If you get interrupted, start over. It is very important you watch it twice without a break. You'll understand why at a later date. Just do it. I love you sissy.