Wanking Material - HOT Shemale

For your enjoyment...and because I love you.... a video of a gurl who is so hot, I dare you to try to watch this in its entirety without cumming in your panties...... :)

Hot Blonde

Heehee...sorry...just couldn't resist posting another HOT shemale vid....I love this girls tits.....gosh I wish I had a pair just like these...especially the way they sway to the thrust while being fucked from behind..... :) Enjoy! 

Information Only - Please Read

Very soon,I will have a page up for you sissies to help follow a coherent schedule of training. As soon as it's ready, I will publish it here. Simple stuff that even the crummiest of weak-willed sissies can do as well as advanced training for the serious of the bunch. Stay tuned sissy! I'm doing this for you so smile..... 

Training - Feminization

Hope all you little sissies had a frilly weekend! I sure did......hee hee. Well, let's get back to work. Today's trainig vid is a short, mild effective one. Watch it several times today....maybe, with hard work and determination, you will end up like the pretty girl in the pink bikini!!!!! Of course today you will be tucked, wearing as much pink as possible thinking girly thoughts all day. I love you sissy.

No. 36 ***Assignment - Sissy Cocksuckr GIF***

OK sissies......bear with me here........ you may already be aware I am a constant user of presets. But I want to be able to share them with you without the nuisance of downloading zipped files (really why would you?) AND because I love you.

So.....I decided to try to convert one to a GIF to see how it looks. I'm not so happy...but I am a perfectionist and cursed with a need to be flawless...Here is your assignment.... Watch this GIF for 15 minutes continuously then comment on it. you will not hurt my feelings (I hope) and the next ones will be far superior as I get better at creating them - this one took 2 hours, not all slides are mine but a few are. In the future, they will all be original content because you deserve it..... I love you sissy!

No. 38 ***Assignment - sissy FAP Roulette***

I found this wonderful training at Natalienne's blog...I LOVE it....fapping is another term for masturbating....so just follow along and do EXACTLY what it directs. You can can find her Blog and the original FAP Roulette HERE
Such fun and exciting the first time...good luck - don't cheat yourself. You desrve to be the girl you are.

Final Chapter

OK....wherever you are with the wanking exercise....let's do it one last time then tuck that silly thing away for the evening. I want you sissies to uderstand, it is VERY important to follow the instructions if you are to EVER become a girl. This is NOT a part-time thing. Every effort must be made to get better each day.

Enjoy this one, be her, feel how she submits to her man...this can be you. I love you sissy.

Wanikng Cont'd

Good Morning...please continue...Wank, Wank, Wank....Don't forget to eat it. It's important remember!

Here's a vid to help out....be this girl and you're doing well!

Training - New sissy GIF

I am in the middle of creating a Fresh New sissy Hypno File but decided to take a break and quickly create this little GIF for something new tonight. It's a long play with a lot of images and commands randomly thrown in througout. Nothing special - just new and fresh content because I love you!

sissies, you must watch this GIF image for a minimum of 15 minutes then resume your girly day. I will have some specific instructions for you later tonight. Enjoy!

Assignment - Continued WANK WANK WANK

Well at least I have the ashemaletube thing figured out. Just a simple code fix.....piece of cake.

Love this one - especially the kissing - Shawna is TOO HOTTT!!!!

Keep wanking ... 6 times remember?? :)