My life was decided many years ago

Black men are the best lovers. I find myself totally amazed and fulfilled when they make love to me. I have been know to be a moaner and a screamer because they have the technique and the know how to drive me wide and yes, make me multi-orgasmic as they touch me so deeply.Having their manhood inside me and their seed infusing every cell of my being marking me as only theirs.


All this makes me glad that I am a woman and glad that Black men are my lovers. No other men have ever been able to make me feel wanted, desired and loved or safe being with them. Black men have shown me that life as their woman is the only place for me to be. Whether we are just talking, walking and holding hands, receiving his hugs and kisses, snuggling watching a movie or being his woman and satisfying his need to seed me … and everything in between.

Being theirs is as natural as breathing for me. I know  that I was created to be a Black man’s woman and I love that that is the role I fulfill in life.

Just like Real Girls....

Sometimes you* sissy sluts* really make Daddy chuckle and smile in the way you can be so cute behaving *just like real girls*... *O.M.G! Where's the Blog Daddy?*Take the other day for example, with the Cam Slut XXX Factor hotting-up, the blog was down for 1 day, and suddenly it was *Panic!* *Hysteria!* *"Where's the blog gone Daddy?" "Where's the blog gone Master?"* Typical girls - so cute. Actually it was nice to see such a good reaction from you girls, not just those of you being nominated, but also from all you others. It is also*great to see so many of you * voting! Thank You.

Approved:Welcome to the stable Claudia

So we have a *new slut* that has successfully passed her *Whoredition* - Welcome *Claudia* from France, I am most happy to have you here on my blog and willing to show off your talents for all. Very feminine, looking wonderful in full latex, and as you will soon see this sissy has an* incredibly accomodating* and *incredibly greedy*asspussi. More pictures and videos to follow soon from her Whoredition. *Claudia... bienvenu!*

Elisa's Whoredition Part 2

Here is the second part of *new stable sissy Elisa Anale's whoredition*. As I have said, she can be very tricky to track down, but when I have her she likes to submit completely into being *a filthy big toy loving anal slut*. She also likes to have her *sissy tits and nipples* worked, I just don't think she was expecting to use the kind of 'weight' to pull on her nipple-chain that I made her use.

Sissy Cheerleader

"You have never played any sports, have you?" asked Princess Jewel.

"No Princess, I have never been man enough to make it to any team."

"Aww, you poor gurl. Guess what? You can be a cheerleader if you want to."

"I would love to Princess. But, aren't cheerleaders athletes as well? You need to be fit, strong and flexible to be a cheerleader."

"No silly slut. You are too weak and wimpy to be a sassy cheerleader. But, I can train you to be a private back room sissy cheer gurl."

Sissy Whore

Fishnet stockings instead of regular sexy stockings and garish pink shoes instead of matching black ones, instantly changes a sissy from a sexy slut to a trashy whore!
‘Dance for me, little whore’, my Mistress said, ‘Show me what a dirty little slut you are’. Having dressed like a sissy whore, I wanted to be one. ‘Shake your ass, slut… You are a whore. Get me hot, slut… Strip off your thongs, sissy. Slow and sexy… I want to see your mini-dick. LOL. Spank that ass…Moan for me whore…I like your little clit framed in stockings bitch. It looks really cute. LOL.’

Amateur Sissy Gets Nailed

OK, here is the attempt from a Linux based system....... On a sidenote, I put this together a while back.... an AMD64 laptop with Linux Ubuntu.... only because I just loved the idea of sticking up my middle finger to Microsoft and Intel. I have to say, although there are some minor compatibility, the computer runs great, fast, good graphics, etc. A fantastic alternative to a Windows based me if you want to know what/where/how/why.....

Now.... on to the more important subject of wanking furiously while viewing a sissy get it by a male lover. I LOVE these two.....such a compliant sissy taking it like a girl :) ... Enjoy... :)

Sissy Training - Cock Sucking

I love the word faggot. I don't think of it as derogatory although I can see how some would. Being called a 'little sissy faggot' to me is exciting, sexy, titilating...i LOVE it. Especially from a girl but also from a man who appreciates sissies. I am such a fag... heehee. I also love being told ''re so GAY..." I dunno, I just love hearing it.
Well here is a file for you if you get it like me..... a great sissy indoctrination with not so much visual but EXCELLENT audio..... Enjoy!


Sissy Assignment

Here is a great Hypno File for you little sissies.....I hope you haven't taken the lapse in assignments as a sign to begin your pitiful male behavior! I want you to watch this vid and feel it, take it in, be the girl you are......

You can't go back to being a boy when your are a sissy.....Embrace your inner's OK to be yourself. Let your girliness flourish.

Your assignment for today is simple.....after watching the vid 2-3 times....I want you to say your sissy name (in a whisper) over and over all day. Hear your sissy name, say it to yourself, become comfortable with it. If you do not have a sissy name already.....for the love of Pete, GET ONE! I love you sissy.

Sissy Clips

This is a fun little clip that is a bit of a trainer but not so much. It contains some great clips! I especially LOVE the opening sissy in pink...made my clittie VERY aroused...

Another thing is i found quite a few of my preset slides in it which gives me a reason to perform the task of creating flash vids of my presets (i also have a yahoo group dedicated to "preset hypno") ...

Sissy Handjob Training

For *those girls that have served me on cam *- there is one thing they will know I insist on. Treating a man's cock as it should be - *with love* and *like a slut*. One problem I have with real girls out there - they really don't appreciate the *value and importance to a guy of having his cock stroked nicely* - a quick shake and then pop it into your mouth? - No, no, no NO! 4 things wrong with this - can you guess them? Now a lot of you sissy sluts *understand the importance of giving a good blowjob *to a man (though technique can be improved for some), but most I find do not displa...

Sissy Bride

My Mistress made me dress up like a bride. Not as a sweet bride in a beautiful white gown but as a slutty one in white lingerie. I was made to walk down the aisle in front of all the guests who were laughing. I had to show everyone my tiny little bald peepee and explain why I was the bride instead of the groom - ‘Thanks everyone for coming to my sissy wedding. As you can see, I am not a real man. I am just a sissy with a tiny dicklet. No girl would marry me and so, my kind Mistress has arranged for me to have a sissy wedding instead’.
I then had to kneel down in front of the three men that Mistress had arranged to be my grooms for the day. Mistress asked each of the three men, ‘Do you accept this sissy as your bride for the day and fuck her face?’. After all three accepted with a ‘I do’, she announced, ‘sissy, you may now suck the cocks’.