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Forced feminization quickies

Turning The Boys

It started off as bit of harmless teasing during the after party but eventually the girls managed to talk Adam and Daniel into crossdressing. At first they both would only try on a bra but as the alcohol flowed the boys eventually gave into the girls' requests and did a full make over. Waxed, made-up, and dressed in sexy lingerie and stockings they posed together on the couch as the girls took pictures. Little did they know that by the next day the girls would insist they always dress in lingerie or else the pictures were going up on the web.

Stripped and Feminized

When the cheer team caught Harry peeping in through the locker room skylight they wasted no time in exacting their revenge. Harry stood no chance against twelve cheerleaders and the quickly overpowered him. They stripped him naked, shaved him smooth then dressed him in halter top and denim miniskirt. Then they bundled him out to the football field stands and left him there to fend for himself. To bad for Harry that the skirt was so short it he couldn't help showing off his pretty white panties to the whole world.

Feminized for Cheating

When the girls found out that Jim and his best friend Steve were cheating on them they got their revenge by slowing feeding them estrogen over a period of months. Together with ever increasing encouragement to feminize their lives the boys rapidly progressed towards womanhood. By the time they realized what was happening it was too late. They were more interested in comparing the best way to show off their new thong panties while wearing low-cut shorts and skirts than they were in returning to be boys again.