NEW sissy Hypno File

A little rough around the edges......I used MS Movie Maker just to see how it would come out. I'm committed to making hypno files for all the little sissies who need the help......please bear with me as I get better at it. Our little sissy community needs new content if we are EVER going to be better girls!!!

For now, enjoy! And please comment - both good and bad are welcome (just be polite if you think it sucks) so I can improve as a Trainer of sissies.

Assignment - Denial

Later today, I plan to post a brand new sissy Hypno file that I am creating. I'm tired of the 'same ole same ole' if you get my drift. The plan is to make a BRAND NEW file to be dispersed around the internet so all you little sissies can continue your development. Looking at the same content over and over is boring diminishes your efforts. you deserve better!

For now....let's work on denial. This is an important part of being a submissive sissy. After all, you may not cum or touch your clittie without permission so denying orgasm is good practice. I want you to tuck with tape, put on a bra and stockings ang go about your day. You must edge at least twice per hour for the 'Business Day' (9am - 5pm) and DO NOT CUM. your little thing needs to be good and aroused so you can properly goo and eat it later tonight when I post my new file. Here is a pic of a beautiful cock to think about all day. Imagine in penetrating your tight little pussy then rubbing itself all over your freshly painted lips. Use the pre-cum as lip gloss can do it, you're a good little cock sucker....I love you sissy.



Wanking Material - Early Domino Presley

There are just a few girls who REALLY get my little clittie all tingling and this is one of them .... Usually, well almost always, when I watch these vids I envision I am the girl getting royally fucked by the man. This is why I do NOT enjoy vids of guys getting banged by shemales...I mean, c'mon....really? Be the guy and fuck ME for Pete's sake!

I digress.....Domino Presely is one of the girls who I can look at all day long.....I love her and everything she's done and everything she's yet to do. This one is an early vid - 'pre-implants' - which I especially like because her body resemble as much a twink as a girl...