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My life was decided many years ago

Black men are the best lovers. I find myself totally amazed and fulfilled when they make love to me. I have been know to be a moaner and a screamer because they have the technique and the know how to drive me wide and yes, make me multi-orgasmic as they touch me so deeply.Having their manhood inside me and their seed infusing every cell of my being marking me as only theirs.


All this makes me glad that I am a woman and glad that Black men are my lovers. No other men have ever been able to make me feel wanted, desired and loved or safe being with them. Black men have shown me that life as their woman is the only place for me to be. Whether we are just talking, walking and holding hands, receiving his hugs and kisses, snuggling watching a movie or being his woman and satisfying his need to seed me … and everything in between.

Being theirs is as natural as breathing for me. I know  that I was created to be a Black man’s woman and I love that that is the role I fulfill in life.