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No. 36 ***Assignment - Sissy Cocksuckr GIF***

OK sissies......bear with me here........ you may already be aware I am a constant user of presets. But I want to be able to share them with you without the nuisance of downloading zipped files (really why would you?) AND because I love you.

So.....I decided to try to convert one to a GIF to see how it looks. I'm not so happy...but I am a perfectionist and cursed with a need to be flawless...Here is your assignment.... Watch this GIF for 15 minutes continuously then comment on it. you will not hurt my feelings (I hope) and the next ones will be far superior as I get better at creating them - this one took 2 hours, not all slides are mine but a few are. In the future, they will all be original content because you deserve it..... I love you sissy!