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Sissy Treat

Just because I love all you little sissies so much .... and I especially LOVE you gayness and your willingness to become better girls ...  here is a little treat. This is ONLY for viewing, dreaming and replicating. you may use one of your dildos on your pussy tonight but no touching the clittie. This is so exhilirating after the good spanking you gave yourself.....Treat you bumm to a good fucking tonight.

If you have a fuck machine, good for you! I wish I did but maybe one of my admirers will buy me one someday. I plan to fuck my pussy for a long time tonight even though I had a couple of fingers in there twice today already while i masturbated. What's that? Yes, I am ALLOWED to masturbate and cum because I am the teacher....I already did my sissy training and I am a full fledged girl. You will get there, no worries. I love you sissy